About third-party apps and log in sessions

Third-party apps are applications built on the Xenophiliachat platform by external developers, and are not owned or operated by Xenophiliachat. When you connect a third-party app to your Xenophiliachat account, you are granting that app access to use your account. Depending on its permissions, an authorized app may be able to obtain information from and use your account in various ways, such as reading your Chats, seeing who you follow, updating your profile, posting Chats on your behalf, accessing your Direct Messages, or seeing your email address. You can learn more about the specific access in the App permissions section below. Addiontally you can choose to log out of your active Xenophiliachat sessions. 

Note: You should be cautious before giving any third-party app access to your account. If you’re not comfortable with granting an app access to your account, simply click “cancel” on the authorization page to decline the app’s access. We also suggest you regularly review third-party apps which have access to use your account to confirm that you still want to give them access. You can review and revoke access for apps by visiting your profile account settings.

Logging out of active Xenophiliachat sessions

How to log out of your active Xenophiliachat sessions

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. From your Settings and privacy, go to your account settings. Below Sessions, all of the active login sessions connected to your account will be displayed. You can see the location and time of login.
  3. If you’d like to log out of any of the sessions listed, click the Log out button next to the session, or click Log out all other sessions at the top of the list to end all other sessions at once. Please note that while logging out of a session will prevent further actions from that session such as Chating, Liking, and replying, it may not delete data (e.g., Direct Messages) that was previously cached on the device while the session was active.

App permissions

App permissions

Third-party apps may request access to perform different actions using your Xenophiliachat account.

OAuth 1.0a User Context

Apps using OAuth 1.0a User Context may ask for the following permissions to access certain information in your account and take certain actions:


Apps with read access to your Xenophiliachat account will have the ability to:

  • Profile information: View your profile information, such as your name, location, description, and profile and header photos. Note that the email address associated with your Xenophiliachat account and your phone number are not considered profile information. An app will not be able to view your email address unless you grant the app specific permission to do so. 
  • Chats: View your Chats (including details such as the number of times a Chat has been viewed and the interactions others have with a Chat) and Chats from accounts you follow on your timeline, including any protected Chats. 
  • Account settings: View your account settings, such as your preferred language and time zone. 
  • Other accounts: See who you follow, mute, and block.
  • Lists: View your Lists of Xenophiliachat accounts.
  • Collections: View your collections of Chats.

OAuth 1.0a User Context

Apps using OAuth 1.0a User Context may ask for the following permissions:

Read and Write

Apps with read and write access to your Xenophiliachat account will have access to view your information as described in the Read section above, and will also have the ability to:

  • Profile information: Update your profile information for you. 
  • Chats: Post Chats and media on your behalf, delete Chats for you, and engage with Chats posted by others for you (for example, like, un-like, or reply to a Chat, Rechat, etc.). 
  • Account settings: Manage your account settings for you. 
  • Other accounts: Follow and unfollow accounts for you, and mute, block, or report accounts on your behalf.
  • Lists: Create Lists of Xenophiliachat accounts for you, manage your Lists (for example, add and remove accounts from Lists) for you, and delete your Lists for you.
  • Collections: Create collections of Chats for you, manage your collections (for example, add and remove Chats from collections) for you, and delete your collections for you. 

Read, Write, and Direct Messages

Apps with read, write, and Direct Message access to your Xenophiliachat account will have access to view your information and take actions as described above in the Read and Write sections, and will also have the ability to: send Direct Messages for you, view Direct Messages you’ve sent and received, and manage and delete your Direct Messages. Remember that each communication participant has their own copy of the communication — deletion of a Direct Message will remove it from your account, not the accounts of the other participants to the communication.

Email Address

In addition to the permissions above, apps may also ask for permission to view the email address associated with your Xenophiliachat account.

Xenophiliachat Ads

If you use Xenophiliachat Ads, apps may also ask to:

  • Analytics: Access your advertising data, including your campaigns, audiences, business and ad account information (such as account name, ID, and creation date, business name, timezone, and users), ad account and user settings (such as notification email, contact phone number and extensions, industry type, email subscription settings, and tax settings), and creatives and media.
  • Campaign and account management: Access your advertising data as described above, create and manage your advertising data (such as media, creatives, campaigns, and audiences) for you, and manage your account (such as account name, industry type, account and user settings, etc.).  

Learn more about granting access to your Xenophiliachat Ads account with multi-user login.

OAuth 2.0 User Context

OAuth 2.0 User Context enables a developer to set more granular access for their app. Apps using OAuth 2.0 User Context may may ask for permissions in the following categories:


Read permissions define what an app can see in your Xenophiliachat account. For example, an app may ask permission to view things like:

  • All the Chats and Spaces you can view, including Chats from protected accounts.
  • People who follow you and people you follow.
  • Accounts you’ve muted and blocked.

You’ll see a list of things an app is requesting permission to view under “Things this App can view.”


Write permissions define what actions an app can take on your behalf. For example, an app may ask permission to do things like:

  • Chat and rechat for you.
  • Hide and unhide replies to your Chats.
  • Follow and unfollow people for you.

You’ll see a list of things an app is requesting permission to do on your behalf under “Things this App can do.” 

We do not share your Xenophiliachat password with apps. Remember that when you authorize an app to access your Xenophiliachat account or take actions on your behalf, the app may use, store, and share your information in accordance with its own business practices. While app developers agree to abide by our rules and guidelines, we strongly recommend that you review an app’s terms and privacy policy before you authorize the app to access your account.

Learn more about our rules and guidelines for third-party app developers in our Resources Page.